Gist: “ I Still Want To Call Davido A Motherf * cker ” – Kaffy Says

Dancer and top notch choreographer , Kaffy stated, that she did not apologize to singer Davido for calling him a motherf * cker for reportedly disrespecting dancers .

In a 2016 Instagram rant , Kaffy had decried the shoddy manner dancers are treated after Davido allegedly shunned some dancers at a concert.

In a new interview with Punch, the dancer said she apologized for the language she used and not to Davido , adding that she would like to call the singer a motherf * cker again if she gets the chance.

She said :

  • “I did not eat my words , I swore in public and I apologised for swearing in public, I did not apologise to David . I did not apologise for his behaviour but for the words I used in public.

If it is not because of the kind of brand that I am building , I still want to call him that name if I had the chance . Whatever it is, he has apologised. I did not need to make the apology public. He has apologised and has started treating dancers better which is the most important thing for me. ”


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